Oof Wiki

Uh, hi!

Oscar, what are they doing here?

I don't care if they are allowed anywhere!

I'm not ready!

Keep them distracted? Ok.

Hi, buddy! How about you move your mouse to the search button and go to another page.

Come on, just go!

You idiot!

You won't have your soul after I'm done with you, you little f-

What's that, Oscar?

The page is ready?

Okay. Let me give them the link.

Hey, idiot!

Wait, it's still not ready?

Come on!

Screw this, man!

They're waiting!

Oh, they can hear us!

You little-

Let me turn this thing off.

70*5^3#@ &($ $@$ !@#.

%#$@&$ &*^% ?><.

#!@&*<>?$ #$@^ >?^@$.

Alright, buddy. Oscar and me have lost patience!


Still here.


Just leave.


Just leave.

GeTtiNG AnGRy!!

DiE yOu PUtrID LiTtlE-