Oof Wiki

You are here. Everything is here. You are everything. Everything is you. You are in the darkness, but yet the absence of it. You are in the failure of light, yet the failure of darkness. You do not know where you are, but you know you are where you are and where you are is you, yet you are in you, and maybe you are not in you but yet another you from another place. Another place that does not exist because you are the place, but the you inside you is the place, yet not at the same time, and you are in a place and they are in that same place, or they are the place and you are god. YOU. ARE. GOD.

Don't forget that you too are not but at the same time they are also inside you, then they are not a place but a mere replica of what you are or where you are. You mustn't figure it out because you cannot know you better than you already do.